Welcome to Critter Control® of Jacksonville

Raccoons, mice, squirrels, rats, snakes; any of these critters and more can make their way into your Jacksonville home at any time if you aren’t properly prepared. At the first sign of any unwanted animals in your home, call Critter Control® Jacksonville for all your removal and wildlife needs. Our more than two decades of experience shows through the quality and superiority of the services we can offer. To learn more about these services, give us a call at 904-221-8633.

When snakes find their way into your garage, raccoons sneak into your attic, rats, mice, and squirrels gnaw their way into your roof, or armadillos dig in your garden, you can only trust a company who is licensed and insured to locate, remove, and repair your home when critters invade. At Critter Control® we aren’t only licensed and insured, we’ll even send out our technicians to give you a free initial consultation. We also understand that these types of animals aren’t only interested in your home, but your business as well. With more valuable assets stored at your company, the damages done will cost you more, and not just money-wise. Protect your goods, employees, and expensive machinery before critters get in with our expert exclusion techniques. With Critter Control Wildlife is humanely trapped by certified wildlife trappers. Raccoon trapping, squirrels, rats, mice, and more.

Unlike other animal removal companies, we at Critter Control® Jacksonville won’t just stop at getting the critters out of your home or business. We strive for excellent service, so we’ve trained our employees to clean up after the messes the infestation left. This includes anywhere from thoroughly cleaning up urine and feces, to restoring any insulation damage they may have left. Not to mention our exclusion techniques will help prevent critters from entering your home or business again, so you won’t have to stress about another infestation.

If you have an emergency wildlife issue, don’t hesitate to call us, as our technicians are available on call 24-hours a day at 904.221.8633. Otherwise, you can contact our office by submitting an online form.