Jacksonville Bat Removal

When bats choose your Jacksonville home to nest in, they can bring disease and destruction with them. Since these winged critters do not typically approach humans on their own, their effects may not be noticeable at first. However, letting an infestation fester could lead to problems greater than homeowners may think.


While bats are most known for their ability to spread harmful diseases like rabies, perhaps the most damaging element of their presence is their waste. Also known as guano, bat poop is a little larger than rat poop and gathers in large piles below where the bats are nesting. Since it dries quickly, if you step on bat guano it will crumble and release harmful bacteria into the air, possibly spreading diseases like histoplasmosis. Additionally, bat guano has highly corrosive properties and can cause severe damages to the interior of your home. If you notice bat guano around you home, contact the experts at Critter ControlĀ® Jacksonville immediately.

Expert Removal

With the laws that surround bat removal, it is never a good idea to attempt it on your own, else risk legal ramifications or the spread of disease. Instead, call on a team with over two decades of experience and the proper tools and knowledge to safely and quickly remove bats from your property. At Critter ControlĀ® Jacksonville, we know how important bats are to their environments, which is why we will always safely remove them and relocate them to a setting where they can flourish. To learn more about the services we offer, or to schedule your free consultation, call us today at 904-221-8633.