Bee and Wasp Nest Removal

Jacksonville Bee Removal

Bees, Wasps, Hornets removal in Jacksonville Florida
Bees in Jacksonville bring a lot of beneficial things to the table, such as pollinating home gardens and beecreating delicious honeycombs. They also keep agricultural crops alive, keeping our resources abundant and America free from widespread crop failure. However, in the warm Florida air, bees can become unwelcome visitors to outdoor activities – especially those involving food, like picnics. Attracted by food and drink, bees can invade human gatherings and might sting innocent passersby, leading to painful skin irritation and in some cases, dangerous allergic reactions.

Why Bees Invade Our Personal Spaces

In sunny Jacksonville, bees are as much a part of life as sunscreen. While it’s not in a bee’s instincts to sting humans (most bees die after losing their stingers), they feel the need to sting if threatened. Waving your hands at bees to get them away from food or slapping at them as you would a mosquito can threaten a bee enough to sting you.

Beehives on our properties are often hard to detect, due to their hard-to-reach locations. Large beehives are generally in the tops of trees, and smaller bee nests are usually formed inside light fixtures or beneath areas like porches and stairway railings. Children can easily stumble upon bee hives by accident, incurring the wrath of a family of bees that think their safety is being threatened.

Large-scale bee attacks can lead to life-threatening amounts of bee stings, even if the person is not allergic. The amount of poison injected into the skin from large amounts of bees can be toxic to humans. More commonly, however, bees are discovered in small groups and only pose a threat if bothered.

How to Avoid Bee Problems

The best way to dissuade bees from nesting on your property is to relocate an existing hive or nest. Only bee specialists have the necessary gear to perform this task without getting stung. Never attempt to relocate a beehive by yourself. The trained staff at Critter Control of Jacksonville can successfully remove bees from your property and set the hive up where it won’t be a hazard to humans.

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