Opossum Trapping

Opossums may appear to be cute, but they’re anything but that when they’re invading your property. jacksonville opossumOpossums are relatively peaceful and don’t generally pose a direct threat to humans, but can cause other problems. That’s why you need to know how to keep them away and recognize the signs of an invasion.

Signs of Opossums

As far as the damage caused to your home, opossums are somewhat similar to raccoons. Although they won’t generally approach humans, they’re always on the lookout for food sources, so they may come near your garbage cans and any pet food you may have outside. If you think you may have an opossum infestation, check for the following signs:

  • Rummaged garbage cans, bird feeders, pet feeders, flower pots, or compost
  • Damage to chicken coops, especially missing eggs and chicks
  • Droppings inside easily accessible areas, such as your attic or shed
  • Damage to insulation and ductwork
  • Tracks—5 clawed toes on the front paw, four clawed toes and one unclawed toe on the rear paws.

Keeping Opossums Out

Since free food is mostly what draws opossums to your home, removing food sources is the best way to keep them out. If you often have a garbage can full of food waste, keep the lid tied down to prevent opossums from accessing it. Keep any pet food inside and make sure compost bins and chicken coops are secured. Opossums also like to eat some fruit, so be sure to keep the ground clean if you have any fruit trees around.

If an opossum does happen to approach your home, a qualified wildlife removal specialist can take care of them for you. The folks at Critter Control of Jacksonville are fully trained and licensed well versed in wildlife, so they can take care of your wildlife problem in no time. Give us a call at 904.221.8633 to learn more.