Of all the pests that Jacksonville homeowners have to deal with, rats may be the worst. Because of their size and their drive to find food and mate, and the size of their teeth, they can do far more damage than common household pests. It may be difficult to tell if you have rats in your home, as they can sneak in unnoticed through small holes in your soffits or roof. For the sake of your family and home, you should call a professional removal service like Critter Control® Jacksonville to get the critters out before too much damage is done.

The Risks of Rats

Harboring rats in your home may lead to more complications than you would think. They can easily gnaw through your drywall, tear up your insulation, ruin your stored belongings, and damage your ceiling and walls with the buildup of their feces and urine. Along with the expensive damages they can bring to your home as they attempt to build their nests and forage for food, rats also leave behind germs wherever they go that will expose you and your family to diseases like:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Lass Fever
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Hantavirus
  • And more

Homeowners may attempt to catch rats with DIY traps, but capturing or even killing rats takes special tools and knowledge. Additionally, you will still need to hire a professional to properly remove the dead rats if your traps work.

How We Can Help

The sooner you remove rats from your home, the less time they will have to damage it. You’ll also cut down the time you and your family are exposed to harmful diseases, making it less likely you’ll catch one. At the first sign of rats in your home, call the rat removal experts at Critter Control® Jacksonville. With over three decades of experience, state of the art tools, and expert knowledge, we can clear your home of rats in no time. Call us today for your free consultation at 904.221.8633.