Rodent Removal

Three mice

Rodents do more than annoy homeowners. They cause potentially significant damage, wreaking havoc in and around your home, and they often carry diseases that could impact your family or pets. Because of dangers posed by some rodents and their frequently clever nature, only a professional with experience in rodent removal should attempt to rid your home of rodents.

Signs of Rodent Problems

If you think you have a mouse or other rodent in your home, the truth is that you likely have an infestation. Even in warmer climates like Florida, rodents often move inside during winter months to seek shelter. They want a comfortable, warm home with easy access to food and water resources.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you likely have a serious rodent problem:

  • Do you hear scurrying sounds in the attic at night?
  • Have you found droppings or shredded paper around your home?
  • Do you see signs such as gnawed wood or food packages?

Rodents and Disease
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists these and several other diseases directly transmitted by rodents.

  • Rat-bite fever occurs after a bite or scratch from an infected rat or mouse.
  • Hantavirus causes severe symptoms in humans, even from inhaling dust contaminated by mouse or rat droppings.
  • Infectious diseases are frequently carried by rodents and can severe harm to humans and pets.

Leave Rodent Control to Professionals
Controlling your rodent problem takes the expertise of a professional. You should never attempt to coax a rodent out or handle any rodent yourself as they can be aggressive and transmit their diseases through cuts and bites. In addition, attempts to remove rodents from your home using over-the-counter methods such as traps and poison, rarely are successful as they often leave some unwanted pests in your home.

Trust the experts at Critter Control® of Jacksonville to quickly and effectively address your rodent control problem while also potentially helping you address the damage and messes caused by rodents. Call us today at 904-221-8633 to schedule your free home inspection and to receive a free estimate.