Squirrel Removal

squirrelEvery Jacksonville resident and visitor has encountered the neighborhood squirrels – in the park, by the beach, in lawns, scurrying up trees, running across the road, and, unfortunately, in our homes. Squirrels in Jacksonville love to take advantage of the cozy, warm, and safe habitats that your attic, shed, or garage provides for them. They need a place to safely deposit their newborn babies and hide from the rain, wind, and cold.

Common Squirrel Problems
Squirrels can squeeze into small holes or cracks in your home and will even chew their way inside if they want to. Once inside, a squirrel might make a nest using your insulation, or try to leave but get trapped. If a squirrel gets trapped inside your home, they will chew holes in your eaves, soffits, and walls to try to escape. If they’ve decided to nest in your home, they will stay as long as they are allowed to, leaving to find food and then returning to the nest.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrel Control

Squirrel Problems

Squirrels in the Jacksonville Area

Squirrels’ nesting in homes is a common problem for Jacksonville dwellers since squirrels can easily gain access to any number of household crawlspaces. Squirrels have become used to – and even reliant upon – the activity of humans around them. In some city parks, squirrels will come right up to humans and take food out of their hands.

In the Jacksonville area, as with most cities, squirrels are difficult to deter since they don’t harbor a fear of humans. Increasing numbers of people purposefully feeding squirrels have encouraged their interactivity with us, and such feedings should be regulated by the city park department.

Squirrel Control

The Good Side of Squirrels
Believe it or not, squirrels do offer a few benefits to humans – they eat a variety of garden insects such as beetles and grubs, keeping your plants free from pests. They also offer free soil aeration with their digging, without marring your landscape since squirrels will recover holes they make. However, they aren’t household pets, and we can humanely exclude them from your home.

Squirrels are great creatures to have around when they stay out of your home. When they cross the line into unwanted guests, give Critter Control of Jacksonville a call. Our wildlife removal technicians will come and humanely remove the troubled animals. We’ll then repair any damage caused by them and prevent them from being able to return.