Wild Hogs

Jacksonville wild hog

Wild pigs, wild hogs, wild boar, feral pigs as they are commonly known in the state of Florida are not native animal species. They are believed to have been introduced into Florida as early as the 1500s by Spanish explorers.

Jacksonville Wild Hog Control

While not commonly encountered within the city limits of Jacksonville, wild hogs can pose a serious threat to anyone taking a stroll outside of the city or traveling to rural areas nearby. Wild hogs are extremely dangerous when provoked and can charge at humans with the intent of severely harming them. Finding yourself cornered by a herd of wild hogs can end in serious injury or death.

Domestic hogs and wild hogs have historically mated together, spawning a slew of different variations of wild hogs (also called wild pigs or wild boars) that roam the countryside. They usually travel in packs. Male hogs average about 200 pounds in weight and can vary in color from red, brown, and black to tan or pink. They may or may not have tusks.

The only safe way to handle a wild hog problem in Jacksonville is to call a professional wildlife removal company like Critter Control. We’ve got a team of specially trained wildlife removal experts that are able to safely and humanely remove wild hogs from your property and prevent them from returning.

The Threat of Wild Hogs

Not only are wild hogs dangerous when encountered by humans, but they also cause immeasurable amounts of property damage. Wild hogs don’t stick to uninhabited wilderness; they often crop up on farms or private residences in search of food. They don’t let fencing stop them from entering a property and can be very destructive to lawns, fields, and farmlands.

Wild hogs cost Americans more than $1.5 billion in property damage every year. They eat plants, acorns, grass, roots, and bulbs. Their diet means they enjoy tilling up soil and rooting for food – causing irreversible damage to crops and root systems. They can tear down fences by stampeding and smashing through wooden structures like pens and stalls.

Wild hogs also carry more than 35 different types of parasites that are transmissible to humans, household pets, and livestock. These include different types of worms, mites, and fleas. Diseases like E. coli and even rabies can be spread by wild hogs to humans, and livestock can suffer from swine fever and tuberculosis.

How to Protect Yourself From Wild Hogs

Critter Control of Jacksonville has trained wild hog experts who can trap these dangerous creatures without inflicting harm to them. We understand the behavioral patterns of wild hogs and have the tools to capture and relocate them safely.

Wild hogs are extremely dangerous animals. Do not attempt to confront or control one of these animals on your own. Please Contact a professional animal removal service like Critter Control© of Jacksonville to help mitigate this problem. Call us at 904.221.8633 to help with this animal control situation.