Commercial Wildlife Services

With a human population that’s ever-increasing, cities and residential areas must grow along with it. An increase in buildings, residential complexes, and commercial districts means a decrease in natural land. All over Jacksonville, small stretches of forest are being taken down to make room for new constructions.

While this growth points toward advances in human progression, it encroaches on the natural habitat of thousands of wildlife species. Human-wildlife encounters are a necessary result of overtaking animal habitations, and citizens must do their best to tolerate the presence of wildlife and stay protected from dangerous infestations and diseases.

Critter Control of Jacksonville takes on urban wildlife control with humane and safe methods. We have a team of highly trained wildlife removal experts on hand, ready to safely handle unwanted wildlife in and around your home.

Common Urban Wildlife Problems

The most common pest-related complaints in the urban setting are animals nesting in home attics. Squirrels, mice, rats, roof rats, bats, birds, snakes raccoons, opossums, and a number of other animals have discovered attics to be replete with nesting supplies, food sources, and safety features. Animals can subsist on the insects in your attic, the food in your home, or even leave to find food and return to your attic.

Another issue with urban wildlife control in Jacksonville comes in the form of property damage caused by raccoons, opossums, moles, armadillos, and others – all of which have tendencies to dig and burrow for food and shelter. These animals have learned to use human activity for their benefit and are no longer frightened by the ever-present humans in their lives. Instead, they have taken to scrounging food from your garbage, creating unsanitary messes, and severely damaging landscapes.

Smaller urban wildlife problems come in the form of ants, bees, wasps, termites, and cockroaches. These common household nuisances plague every citizen of Jacksonville at some point – thus is the fate of those residing in our warm, humid climate.

How to Counteract Urban Wildlife Problems

Staying in contact with a trusted wildlife control service like Critter Control is your key to surviving in Jacksonville unscathed by the negative effects of nuisance wildlife. We humanely trap and remove animals from your property and offer a variety of other pest control services that keep your safety and the environment top priority.

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