Pigeons in Jacksonville cause problems when they enter structures with humans. Feral pigeons and other birds are near the top for animal removal calls in urban areas. Critter Control® of Jacksonville provides humane ways to evict pigeons from your home, business, or commercial structure. We have experienced pigeon removal experts that will work to exclude pigeons and repair the damage and mess they caused.

Jacksonville Pigeon Control

Pigeons are common all over the country, especially in heavily populated urban environments. They will eat just about anything. They’re also a potential health hazard when they are among humans. Some people take to feeding pigeons out of habit, but this isn’t a good practice for anyone. Feeding them may cause the population to soar and become unmanageable.

When pigeons and other birds start invading a home or commercial property, people see and feel how damaging they can be. Pigeons cause a substantial amount of damage to buildings, cars, vegetation, and a number of other surfaces every year in the USA. In addition, they often carry a number of diseases, which can put home and building inhabitants at risk, and for buildings in the food industry, they can even be shut down if an unhealthy condition remains unattended.

If you eliminate potential food sources it may make the birds go away on their own. This can be difficult for businesses in the food industry like restaurants or bars. When outdoor seating is provided often patrons will toss food such as french fries to the birds which only encourages them further. Once a pigeon has found a food source, it will return again and again until the food is no longer available.

Critter Control has been solving animal control issues since 1983, and we employ humane, effective methods for removing pigeons and controlling their populations. If you have an issue with pigeons in your area, Contact Us for more useful tips. Give us a call to set up an appointment, and solve your pigeon issues once and for all.