Animal Damage Repair

Nuisance animals in your home can cause a wide variety of different problems from damaging decks, attics, basements, roofs, and even the very structure of your home. Animals chew through vital systems such as wiring, drainage, and ventilation systems, which can cause severe problems.Cherry Picker grabbing animal off of Jacksonville roof

We specialize in animal damage control here at Critter Control. What this means is that we do not only remove the nuisance animals from your property, but we work with you to repair the damage that the animals caused in the first place. We make it look like nothing ever happened to your home.

Having proper repairs done to your home the first time is crucial in making sure there are no problems down the road. When corners are cut with doing repairs, the damage that can result in the future can be worse than the damage that was repaired in the first place, and it may not show until years down the road. You can rely on us to make sure any and all repairs are carried out by the book and are all done to code, the first time.

We are able to repair anything from minor wiring damage caused by a stray mouse, to entire attic restorations. Since we are a full-service company, we can also provide suggestions and estimates on equipment that will help deter animals from causing damage in the future, helping to save you money and frustration for years to come. Some of the equipment available to keep animals out of your home are ventilation screens and chimney caps.

Our integrated animal management solutions here at Critter Control include education of our customers, modification of the animal’s habitat to discourage them from coming near your home, humane animal removal, and animal exclusion. Call our office of skilled professionals at 904.221.8633 today or fill out a Contact Us form for help with your animal damage control problems.