Animal Removal

Wild Animal Control and Removalno-domestic-animals

With the amount of information readily available on the internet about removing pest animals from your property, or about how to prevent animals from getting in your home, it’s no surprise that it may seem like a great idea to undertake that task on your own. While some homeowners may experience some marginal success in removing one or two nuisance animals, the risks simply aren’t worth the reward. The safest and most effective option for the wellbeing of your family and yourself is to call a team of trained, experienced animal control professionals like those here at Critter Control.

No Dog, Cat or Alligator Calls Please

If wild animals make your attic or property their home, the consequences can be both annoying and costly. When wild animals infiltrate your home, their first priority is to make themselves a new nest. This normally involves damaging insulation, wiring, and other structures within your home. These animals also turn wherever they settle into their own personal restrooms, leaving urine and droppings
everywhere which can hurt the efficiency of insulation, and cause your entire home to smell foul in addition to posing health risks for you and your family.Rat in Jacksonville woods

No matter what species of animal has turned your home into theirs, from rats and squirrels, to snakes and even alligators, we are experienced in removing it all. Regardless of what sort of animal has invaded your home, we make sure to use the most environmentally friendly and humane methods available when removing the nuisance animals from your home. A primary goal of Critter Control is to leave the ecosystem completely unharmed after our work is done.

Instead of guessing at what sort of animal is causing damage in your home, our trained professionals are able to quickly identify the culprit, and from there, work with you to create a plan that works for you to remove that animal.

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