Dead Animal Odor

The noxious stench arising from dead animal carcasses can cause nausea, parasite infestation, and the development of harmful diseases. Animal carcasses are hotbeds for worms, bacteria, maggots, parasites, and viruses, on top of attracting other unwanted pests such as vultures, ants, and rodents. Proper disposal of a dead animal entails innovative sanitation techniques, expert handling, and safe deodorization to be completely remedied. Critter Control of Jacksonville offers all of this in the event of finding a dead animal on your property.

Where Dead Animals Are Found

Dead animals can be found anyplace they might exist while alive – including in your attic, between your walls, on top of your roof, and beneath your floorboards. Dead animals produce a terrible smell, and if the animal can’t be easily located, the smell will only get progressively worse as it bakes in the sun or begins to harbor unsafe bacteria. People often discover dead animals floating in pools, burrowed beneath the foundation of homes, stuck in household vents or chimneys, and stuck underneath porches and verandas.

How We Solve Dead Animal Odor

At Critter Control, we’ve had plenty of experience dealing with the terrible stink of decomposing animal carcasses. Our team of experts understands the health risks involved with handling dead animals, and we can safely remove the carcass from your property without spreading bacteria or parasites. We are also pioneers of our field, offering advanced solutions for getting rid of the stink without harming you with chemicals.

Air purification is the key to effectively eliminating dead animal odor, instead of simply masking the problem. We have air purification tools guaranteed to clean, leaving behind nothing but fresh, unpolluted air. We also offer a variety of nontoxic deodorizers to satisfy your need for effective odor control. Our specialists will clean the infected area thoroughly, leaving no trace of the dead animal behind. We will also disinfect the area, ensuring your safety against airborne diseases.

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