Jacksonville Home Pest Control and Removal Services

Home Pest Control & Removal

In the Jacksonville area, we encounter a wide variety of common household wildlife nuisances, big and small. Our prime location on the Florida shoreline drives warm-weather pests away from the ocean and into our homes. From raccoons nesting in your chimney to squirrels in your attic, home pest control can be a very daunting task.

Critter Control of Jacksonville has been erasing pest problems from every angle for more than three decades. Our experts are knowledgeable about the pests that are specific to the Jacksonville area, and we practice safe and humane home pest removal techniques guaranteed to solve your problem the first time. We also repair any damages done to your home by the critter, and clean any hazardous messes left behind, such as animal droppings or dead animal carcasses. In the fight against invading home pests, it’s always best to call a professional pest control service.

Protect Your Home from Pests
To truly protect your home from invasive nuisance wildlife and pests, have a Critter Control technician do a comprehensive inspection of your home. They can give expert advice on how to prevent pests from coming inside and will rid your property of harmful and destructive wildlife without harming the environment.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from common Jacksonville area nuisances:
• Seal all entry points into your home
• Eliminate potential pest hideouts
• Call specialist trappers to safely remove any existing pests
• Follow expert advice for specific problems (such as eliminating standing water for a mosquito problem or installing bird spikes against roosting pigeons)

Educating yourself about the particular signs, prevention techniques, and sanitation solutions for specific pests will enable you to avoid a pest problem before it starts. A minor problem can quickly evolve into a major one – usually without the homeowner noticing until significant property damage has occurred. Prevention is always better than cure; call Critter Control today to start your journey toward a pest-free home.