Prevention Services

If you’ve ever had a pest control problem on your property, you know the experts all give the same Window-Calkadvice – it’s better to keep pests out of your home than to deal with an infestation. But is total prevention possible? Pest prevention is a complex field, but it can be learned if property owners take the time to invest in proper home protection methods.

Types of Pest Prevention

You name the pest; we’ll be able to tell you how to keep it out of your home. We train professionals to be experts in the pest control field, wise to the devices of every type of pest – from alligators to common house mice. Every pest problem can be remedied with simple inspections, evaluations, and preventive techniques suited for the specific pest you’re targeting.

Most, if not all, common household pests can be deterred from taking up residence in your home by ensuring there are no entry points into your home from the outdoors. Our team uses innovative inspection technologies to discover even hairline cracks in your foundation that could be letting insects in. We will seal any entry points you may have before a problem occurs.

Critter Control of Jacksonville can also give you advice on how to decrease your chance of getting an infestation by small landscape alterations or housekeeping practices. Every pest needs food – if they can’t find it, they won’t stick around. Cleaning your home thoroughly and wiping down surfaces, such as stovetops and garbage cans, could be enough to discourage insects from nesting in your home.

Keeping your landscape tidy will reduce the likelihood of snakes, raccoons, and other pests exploring your property. Eliminating standing water can reduce populations of mosquitoes and take away a water source for other pests.

When taking on the task of pest prevention in Jacksonville, contact Critter Control and take advantage of our years of experience, large knowledge base, and trusted pest removal methods. We’ll ensure your property is safe from pests, for good.

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