Mice in the Attic

When the summer storms roll through Jacksonville, mice seek warm, dry shelter. Although they may intend to only stay for the duration of the bad weather, once mice get into places like your attic, they won’t leave on their own. With access to everything they need, including a seemingly limitless supply of food and water, mice see your home as a perfect place to raise their young. To do that, they must build a nest as well, which is typically made from your attic insulation. DIY trapping generally does not work, and if it does you still need to contact a professional to remove the mouse carcass properly.

Dangers of Mice

Mice can reproduce and give birth at an alarming rate, which is why an unnoticed infestation and double its size in no time. The longer they are allowed to stay in your home, the more damages they can bring, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs and exposing your family to dangerous diseases. Some of the dangers mice bring with them include:

  • Ruining your food supplies by contaminating it
  • Ripping out insulation for nesting material, driving up heating and cooling costs
  • Damaging the infrastructure of your home by chewing through walls and wiring, creating fire hazards
  • Staining walls and ceilings from their urine and feces soaking through insulation
  • Tracking germs and bacteria throughout your home increases the likelihood of spreading disease

Our Promise

At Critter Control® Jacksonville, we promise to give you the highest quality of service we can bring, removing the mice from your home or business quickly and safely. We’ll even restore any damages they may have made to your attic, including rebuilding attic insulation. With one last sweep, we will seal any entrance holes they may have made, preventing more infestations. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at 904-221-8633.