What is that Noise in My Attic? 

If you hear scurrying, rustling, odd rolling, or tapping noises coming from your walls or attic, there is an excellent chance you have a wildlife invasion. One of the most evident signs of an animal problem is its noises. It’s not uncommon for Critter Control to receive calls from homeowners complaining that they were up all night with crazy noises coming from the walls or attic. What are they doing up there? Are they causing damage? What if they chew through my electrical wiring?

The most wildlife we see that cause noises in the attic are rodents (squirrels, mice, and rats), bats, birds, and raccoons. 

Raccoons are the loudest when it comes to animal noises in the walls or attic. Raccoons can weigh as much as 35 lbs, and when they are moving around right over your head, it can sound terribly loud. 

For lighter tap, tap, tap sounds that could be a mouse or a rat crawling across your attic. You could also hear scurrying or rustling sounds. 

If you hear screeching or shill shrieks, that could be a clear sign that you have a bat roost that has moved into your home. 

Sounds in the daytime could be from squirrels as they most commonly move around in the day.

Regardless of the type of wildlife that has entered your home, keeping you up at night, it’s essential to understand that their swift removal is vital in keeping the damage in your attic minimal. Your attic is an integral part of your home, it contains your trusses, ducts, electrical wiring, insulation, and more. Rodents are expert chewers and must continually chew to keep their incisors ground down. If they are chewing up your attic, leaving their waste everywhere, and destroying your attic insulation, you do not have a healthy home. This is where Critter Control comes in. We are experts at finding the animals in your attic or walls, removing them, repairing the areas where they were able to enter your home in the first place, and cleaning up and repairing all the damage they left behind, leaving your home as good as new again!.

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