Wildlife Management

At Critter Control, we’ve established methods of managing wildlife, not simply exterminating. We hawkbelieve real pest control solves problems at the source and stops pest infestations before they even begin. Learning how to effectively manage wildlife in a safe, eco-friendly way while still adhering to the very intent of pest control has been our goal since we began in 1983. Wildlife management in Jacksonville is our specialty, and we take great care to follow humane animal control practices.

Wildlife in the Jacksonville Area

If you’re a resident or visitor to Jacksonville, odds are that you’ve seen at least a handful of nuisance wildlife critters. The warm, humid climate attracts every form of pest – big and small. Critter Control of Jacksonville has the necessary education and practice at effectively handling every type of wildlife nuisance in a humane manner while preparing your home against the invasion of future pests.

Jacksonville is home to bothersome squirrels, pigeons, raccoons, rats, opossums, bees, cockroaches, and a wide number of other pests that invade residence and business properties regularly. The only solution to permanently protecting your property from the damage and disease caused by these infiltrations is to take preventive action.

How to Manage Wildlife Around You

We encourage property owners to become educated about the different species of pests in the area. A better understanding of animal habits leads to control techniques that work. Our tried-and-true method of managing wildlife comes down to three objectives:

  • Getting to know the pest
  • Humanely trapping and removing the pest
  • Protecting your home against future pest invasions

The third objective can be your first and only – if innovative preventive techniques are used, you can avoid dealing with pests at all. Critter Control has proven time and time again that wildlife removal consists of understanding the pests’ habits, using the right methods of trapping and removal, and barricading your home against pests. Call us today at 904.221.8633 or fill out a Contact Us form for your free wildlife management consultation.